Karate is a Japanese martial art in which two opponents spar with each other and attempt to overpower one another by using kicks, hand strikes, body momentum, and verbal utterances (which aid in adding power to the moves).  In addition, students must learn elaborate sequences, called KATAS, as well as how to wield different weapons such as the num chucks, bo staffs, and swords.  Controlled breathing and rigid, precise movements are also characteristic of the technique developed by and within the art. Moreover, the sparring individuals use various guard positions and some dodges to escape hits and strikes.

YOUNG MASTER ANIL CHERIAN: Program Director: Karate

Young Master Cherian has been involved with martial arts his entire life. He is currently a Fourth Degree Black Belt in Karate and an expert weaponsman in several categories, including the scythe, num chucks, and bo staff.  He is also highly skilled in the art of self-defense and teaches specialized workshops to children and adults.  As a child, he was taught the fundamentals of TaiquaKungFu by Sensei Postwaite, who is one of the strongest martial arts and weapons experts in the Northern United States. In his early teens, Young Master Cherian earned his first blue belt in Karate. It was at this time that he knew that he wanted to dedicate his life to martial arts. Since that time, Young Master Cherian has proven to be a fierce competitor and champion, but most importantly he has proven to be an unparalleled mentor to all his students. Young Master Cherian believes in a principled approach to martial arts.  This approach includes the development of personal character as well as physical strength. His focus on respect, confidence, discipline, and vision has made him one of the most sought after martial arts instructors in our area.  


CONTRAMESTRE MOLEJO: Senior Program Director - Martial Arts

Contramestre Molejo is an internationally renowned Capoeirista and proffessional athlete who holds the rank of Contramestre in Capoeira.  He presently travels around the US and the world, sharing his expertise and knowledge of the martial art.  He leads workshops and participates in conferences in which he lectures on topics that include the following elements in Capoeira: effective techniques of self defense, gymnastics, history and culture, and music and instruments that accompany the sparring. Contramestre Molejo began practicing Capoeira at age 14.  He quickly ascended in rank within his group and today he has over nineteen years of experience teaching, training, and learning this art.  Throughout this period, he has disseminated Capoeira in different venues, including countless schools, martial arts academies, sports clubs, universities/colleges.  He has also appeared on several television programs, concerts, workshops, and events/ceremonies.  In addition, Contramestre Molejo is a small business consultant in the sports facilities/gymnasiums and martial arts industries.

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Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art in which two opponents or capoeiristas spar against a backdrop of music within a circle; the circle is created by other capoeiristas, who surround the two players, and who also sing, clap, and play several musical instruments to imbue the circle and the sparring opponents with energy, emotion, and instruction.  The game/sparring in this art focuses on overpowering the opponent with highly precise sweeps, kicks, agility, and speed.  Unlike other martial arts, students rarely employ hand strikes and instead use various dodging techniques to escape attacks.